Welcome to the Internet home of the River Region’s ONLY All 80’s Radio Station! We take you back to the days of Big 80’s Hair and Big 80’s Hits. The 1980’s was a special time when guys wore spandex, girls wore shoulder pads, and things were, for the most part, Gnarly! The Cube proudly celebrates that decade by pulling together the best monster tunes of the day and playing them back to back to back.


EC      Elvis Costello may have sung “I’m Not Angry” at the very outset of his career in 1977, but his delivery sounded so inherently laden with invective that it took decades for him to convince us it was really true. He explains some of his early, aggrieved image away in his new memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, by writing: “It seems that the space between my two front teeth, which made Jane Birkin, Ray Davies, and Jerry Lewis so appealing, has had the effect of making half of what I say sound like a provocation or insult.”

     I would have written more about my mum, but it would be saying the same things as everybody’s mum says, like “Button up your coat” or “Did you get in trouble?” My mum really raised me. But some of the lessons I got from my dad gave me that unusual relationship with the physical record, learning songs due to the fact that they were playing in the house. For more click here.